xDelete for xDrive BMWs for turning AWD on and off


Switch your BMW between AWD and RWD within seconds.

Sale price€149.99


Sale price€149.99

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Hard Facts

  • Switch your BMW between AWD, AWD Sport, AWD Snow and RWD within seconds with your Smartphone!
  • No hardware to install, just a simple 30 second process through your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Not detectable by the dealer
  • No fault codes triggered
  • Steering Assist, ABS & DSC stay fully functional
  • You can leave your car in RWD mode forever, or you can change between AWD and RWD mode all the time. Just as you like.
  • Supports most E-Series, all F-Series from Build Date 09/2011 and G-Series up to 06/2021. Please use our Support Check!
  • License is valid for single vehicle (VIN-Lock)

  • NOTE: Our blue xHP Wifi Adapter works for E and G-Series BMW. For F-Series cars xDelete needs a generic ENET adapter to work. The blue xHP Wifi Adapter cannot be used with xDelete for F-Series cars. You can use a wired ENET connection or any Wifi ENET Adapter like MHD black or MHD Uni. Both are available at www.bimmer-connect.com

5 AWD Modes

xDelete AWD Mode AWD On factory mode for traction in Winter


You can always go back within seconds to your factory AWD mode eg. when you car is at the dealer, or for optimal traction in winter.

Available for E-, F- and G-Series

xDelete AWD Mode AWD Off like RWD BMWs for Summer


Your xDrive will deliver 100% of it's power to the rear-wheels, exactly if it has come from factory as RWD car. Efficiency in Summer.

Available for E-, F- and G-Series

xDelete AWD Mode AWD Sport BMW drift for sportive driver


For the sportive driver. It will reduce understeer and makes your BMW easy to drift, while still having lots of traction.

Available for E-, F- and G-Series

xDelete AWD Mode AWD Snow and Ice in Winter


It's similar to the AWD-Sport mode, but is optimized for low-friction conditions like Snow, Ice. For Fun-Driving in Winter!

Available for E-Series

AWD Custom

Configure Lock-Up rate from 0-100%. Monitor Clutch-Stress with the Live-Inspection.

Available for E- and G-Series

xDelete in Action

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