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xHP TCU Custom Map Service

For those who want performance beyond our OTS Tunes!

Sale price€599.00

xHP TCU Custom Map Service

Sale price€599.00

Tax included.

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Hard Facts

With purchase you get:

  • A complete TCU-Map customized to your vehicle to extract maximum performance from your transmission
  • In-depth analysis of your transmissions' adaptation data to fine-tune your map
  • Up to 0.5sec faster 1/4 Mile times (depending on vehicle)
  • Possibility to support custom transmission swaps (Note: Please get in touch with us, before purchasing. Swaps are very individual tasks and need to be cleared in advance. Different pricing may be applied.)
  • You will be serviced by our in-house mapping engineers to create your personal TCU-Tune and get the best out of your transmission.


  • Run 6HP28 transmission in pre-LCI 5-Series E60 or 335i E9x
  • Adjustments for aftermarket clutches
  • Setup shiftpoints, uphill/downhill-shifting, torque converter behavior, dynamic changes, warmup or remove regen-maps
  • Mix features of different Stages. (e.g. Shiftpoints from Stage 3, combined with smooth Stage 1 shifts)
  • Eco-Tunes for fuel-saving
  • Set transmission to fastest shiftmode right at startup
  • Remove or add blips in certain modes
  • and much more....


  • Purchase includes pre-discussed custom mapping with a maximum of 5 revisions.
  • Please don't forget to purchase the Flash licence as well. (required to apply the custom map)
  • Support is available in English and German. 

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Not sure? We are happy to consult you. Just drop us an email at support@xautomotive.com! We'll get back to you within 24H. 

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