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xHP TCU Flash Combo (Flash License + Map Pack)

Combination of xHP Flash License and xHP Map Pack.

Sale price€219.99

xHP TCU Flash Combo (Flash License + Map Pack)

Sale price€219.99

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Hard Facts

Flash License: 

  • Enables unlimited flashing for a single Vehicle/TCU (VIN - Lock) with ZF6HP/ZF8HP Automatic or 7-Speed DCT Transmission. 
  • Includes all Customization Options for your BMW TCU: Shiftpoint Editor, customize Launch Control, Torque Limiters, Throttle Blips and much more
  • Enables to flash TCU-Tunes from the xHP Map Pack
  • Enables to flash custom TCU-Maps
  • Please note: M-Vehicles based on G-Series cars need a G-Series license, despite being designated as Fxx cars. (e.g. F90, F97 etc.)

xHP Map Pack: 

  • Includes Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 OTS TCU-Maps
  • Every OTS Maps is a comprehensive remap to enhance your driving experience.
  • Super-fast shifts, improved acceleration times, stronger throttle blips, access to additional modes (e.g. Race Mode) and much more.
  • As every vehicle offers a different base to tune and a different overall characteristic, the features and changes of our setups vary from car to car. For a more detailed description, please download our xHP Flashtool App and navigate to Check Support and Search Database.

xHP Flash Settings

Tailor your BMW to your needs! With a few clicks, you can further adjust our OTS Maps easily and even share it your settings with your friends. Our built-in editor makes changing your car's behavior as easy as ordering a Pizza!

Launching / Performance

Drag Race Mode

Drag Race Mode is designed to get the most out of your transmission and improve your 0-60 and 60-120 times! Torque reduction during shifts is completely disabled, shift pressures are maxed out and clutch protection thresholds are raised so you can put the full power of your engine to the ground no matter what happens.

Drag Race Mode is automatically engaged during Launch Control and in Sport+/DSC OFF (8-speed) or Manual (6-speed) mode when above approximately 40% throttle. Normal daily driving in Comfort mode is unaffected.

(Available for 6-Speed and 8-Speed)

OTS Map Features

Millions of miles and well over 100.000 happy customers are the best proof of the reliability of our setups. Whichever stage you choose, we guarantee hassle-free use and unaffected longevity! Below is an overview of the changes done by our OTS Maps. For a more detailed description, please download our xHP Flashtool App and navigate to Check Support and Search Database.

Stage 1

Removes the transmission's internal torque limiters, which opens up the way for properly done engine tunes.

Engine tunes no longer need to fake torque calculations, which greatly improves overall driveability and longevity!

Also, you get a neat Gear Display in your dash D1..D8.

Stage 2

Build on Stage 1 files, but are already a complete remap of your transmission!

Faster shifts, stronger blips in Sport modes, more responsive reactions to throttle inputs! Often it's the small things that annoy and we strive to remove them all for you.

Stage 2 files already create a more fun and sportive driving experience.

Stage 3

Build on Stage 2 files but take everything a bit further.

Even shorter shift times in Sport modes, lightning-fast reaction times, race-style auto-shifting in Sport+, even stronger blips, reconfigured Launch Control parameters, and much more!

Our Stage 3 files are the way to go for enthusiasts and racers.

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